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Online Corporate 

and Private Courses

General Courses and Conversations.


Bespoke Communication Kits, Exam Preparation


FrenchTouchCourses offer general and objective-specific French courses from A1-C2, TEF Canada, Quebec, France, Dalf.

We put a strong emphasis on communication skills. All courses will cover the four linguistic skills in the context of real-life situations, and will also include cultural knowledge.


All sessions have moved online  due to the COVID but can also be scheduled at your workplace, or your home when health and safety regulations allows again.


Designed with your specific needs in mind, the content is fully tailored to address your everyday needs based on your job-specific language, objectives, interests, and lifestyle. 


Online Bespoke and Work-Specific Courses


Exam preparation, French for Business, French for Fashion, Team-Building, Problem-Solving, Meetings, Presentations,  Communication 


Available online every day of the week from 8h00 to 21h00 .  (Usually can also be booked at your office, or your home).

One to one courses are exclusively designed for you at your pace, and executives may choose them to target specific language needs arising for their role and exchange with the French-speaking countries.


In-company group:
Cost effective, they provide training for groups with common needs and objectives. Ideally, we recommend a maximum of 8 people per group. Minimum of 3 people.

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